Would I benefit from bi-wiring my loudspeakers to your amplifier?


Bi-wiring is a relatively cheap (depending on the cost of your selected Loudspeaker cables) way of 'possibly' Improving the sound quality of your system. The major reason for bi-wiring, is due to the fact that the 'power' of a music signal is contained in the lower, (bass) register. The power density then falls with increasing frequency.

If the cable lengths are relatively long, then the resistance of the cable will be relatively high. This means that there will be a voltage drop along the length the cable at the lower frequencies. The higher frequencies will also be subjected to these voltage drops, as the cable is common to all frequencies supplying the loudspeaker. Intermodulation of the high frequencies by the low frequencies will now result, giving a smeared or masked high frequency response.

If you are using high cost loudspeaker cables, then we would suggest that you try bi-wiring your loudspeakers before purchasing extra cables.