My loudspeakers go down to 2 Ohms. Will your amplifier be suitable?


To the best of our knowledge there are no commercially available domestic high quality loudspeakers that could sustain the continuous power that the SA400 can provide. The reason for the high power capability is not to achieve high sound levels but to allow a wider than normal dynamic range together with an immediate transient response. We believe that this is a fundamental requirement of high quality audio equipment.

The acoustic power required to fill the average size room is much less than 1 watt.
The most efficient loudspeakers are seldom greater than 1 per cent.
And, the peak to mean ratio of even compressed music is in the order of 6dB or more.

So what does this all mean? Basically, the SA400 has been designed to provide effortless power delivery into even the most demanding of commercially available loudspeakers. Indeed, extreme care must be taken to ensure that the SA400 does not damage the loudspeakers or your hearing by playing at elevated sound levels. Please see the warning in the SA400 Manual.

At normal listening levels in the domestic environment the SA400 will be suitable to drive loudspeakers that go down to 2 Ohms. The Frequency response will be lowered but the -3dB point will still be over 30kHz.