Which input and output interconnects would you recommend?


We will not recommend Interconnects for our equipment for several reasons: -

1. We strive to make equipment that has a high specification and excellent sound quality, representing value for money. Some of the cables for sale today could easily cost more than our equipment. We cannot justify this situation.

2. To audition the various combinations of source equipment, loudspeakers and interconnects would be a never-ending task, as it is changing month by month. Whatever we recommend one month could change the next.

3. We do not know why Interconnects Improve the sound quality. We have studied the suggested reasons for any improvements, but as yet we are unable to scientifically quantify the results. We will leave that to the cable manufacturers. We do however, agree that Interconnects can "change" the sound.

Unfortunately this does not answer the question, and so we suggest you start with modestly priced cables and try them to establish whether you are happy with the sound of your complete system. Do not assume that because the cables are highly priced they will improve your system. The connectors on the other hand tell a different story. Always use good quality connectors that are gold- or silver-plated.