Is your amplifier suitable for bi-amping my loudspeakers?


The SA400 is particularly suitable for bi-amping and as such is recommended. The reason being that each register (bass and treble for a two way system) is totally separated from each other and so Intermodulation of each register cannot occur.

It only has to be decided whether vertical or horizontal bi-amping is used. Vertical bi-amping would use one SA400 for the left channel, and one SA400 for the right channel, whereas horizontal bi-amping would use one amplifier for bass and one amplifier for treble. We have heard arguments for both configurations, but we prefer vertical bi-amping. The main reason for this is that both amplifiers (channels) will be used under identical conditions, which will ensure identical performance. Another reason for vertical bi-amping is that crosstalk will be minimised, hence stereo separation will be maximised. We would of course welcome your own findings.

The only disadvantage of bi-amping is that another SA400 amplifier will be needed, together with two "Y" input leads if the preamplifier only has one output.