Alner Hamblin Electronics


As a brand name Alner Hamblin Electronics is new to high quality audio. However, we have been extremely active in this field since 1965. Please refer to our History page.

From linear circuitry using valves, to bipolar devices, to MosFets, to digital circuitry, Alner Hamblin Electronics has been involved with the design, development, manufacturing and test of high quality domestic and professional equipment for other companies for many years.

In response to the oft-repeated question from friends, colleagues and customers 'Why don’t you manufacture audio equipment under your own name?', we finally decided to do just that, and the units detailed on the Products page are now a reality. More are in the pipeline and the thinking behind some of these is outlined on the In Development page.

All of our equipment is designed, developed, manufactured and tested at our facility in Bristol.

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