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Powered preamplifier

We are currently working on a powered preamplifier to complement the SA400. The challenge has been to come up with a unit that is completely transparent to the signal. Our existing SP400 Passive Preamplifier is such a device: you simply can't tell whether it is in circuit or not. As soon as active circuits are included though, you risk changing the sound, especially when housing analogue and digital circuits in the same casework, as has to be done when providing remote control. Different doesn't necessarily mean better, or worse, but we are intent on producing a unit that has no detectable sonic signature at all - where 'different' isn't an issue.

We've also made the challenge harder for ourselves by deciding to include a Digital-to-Analogue converter on board so that by adding the digital source of your choice (e.g. a CD transport or the digital feed from an existing player) you will have a surpassingly good replay system from disc to loudspeaker.

Powered loudspeakers

Also in development is a two-channel power amplifier module intended for use in active loudspeakers. We are so pleased with the SA400 power amplifier, so convinced that it is absolutely right, that we believe incorporating it into the loudspeaker cabinet is a logical progression. By doing so we can power the drive units directly, eliminating the compromises that passive crossover networks introduce in this high current area. Our semi-digital power amplifier module is ideally suited to this application, being compact (roughly 100 x 100 x 200mm), powerful, cool running and extremely efficient.

There will be a section on our module board where we can implement, for example, a fourth-order Linkwitz-Riley circuit and also cater for any additional EQ, phase compensation etc. that may be required for the given drive units in the given enclosure. This will of course be done at line-level, ahead of the power amplifier stages. Here we can engineer such circuits with great precision and reliability, free from the affects of thermal inertia.

Watch this space, as they say.

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